Hi! My name is Ashtyn Burttschell, owner of Lila Lane Events & Planning.  I am so excited you are visiting our website.  There is nothing like the feeling of being recently engaged and excited to dive into planning.  I like to remind my brides to soak in every moment of this experience.  You will never have these feelings at this stage of your life again.  

I am a type-A perfectionist, who is in her happy place when at the beach, opening the pages to a brand new planner, or seeing one’s dream become reality.  Did I mention that before becoming a wedding planner, I was a high school dance team director, where one of my top priorities was to make sure my girls’ dreams were accomplished?



I specialize in recognizing the importance of details in order for all parties to feel connected throughout an event. There is nothing more rewarding than the look on a couple's face when they see their personality come alive within a venue. Here at Lila Lane, our goal is to help provide you an event to remember while eliminating any stress that could come your way. When you look back on this season of  life, there will be nothing but a smile across your face. I like to think of myself as a smile provider!

our team

"What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference that will be." 

- jane goodall

Big Sister

Dog Mom + Boy Mom

Travel Junkie

Dog Mom since 2013, and in 2022 I gained the title of Boy mom. Elliott loves his fur siblings, Remington (Great Dane) and Wrigley (Corgi)

I am the oldest of 3 siblings and there is a 14 year age gap between myself and my youngest brother.  One of the many perks to our age difference is Santa still visits my parent's house.

I studied abroad in college and since then have never turned down an opportunity to travel. I love learning about other cultures.

Hi there! I'm Maria Slaughter, senior planner at Lila Lane Events & Planning. I'm sure you are so excited and overjoyed about your engagement, and maybe a little overwhelmed by your growing to-do list. Try to slow down and take in every moment of this chapter. It goes by quick. 

When working on an event, I thrive in situations where one needs to multitask, and it just so happens that wedding days are no stranger to multitasking environments. Before becoming a planner, I was a middle school fine arts teacher. Through my experience of teaching I had to become an expert at managing large groups of people. This definitely came in handy as I made the transition to planner in 2020. In fact, I will take a group of rowdy groomsmen any day over middle school students.   


 creative. ENTHUSIAST for love. OBSESSED with color

I am a detail-oriented organizer, from weddings down to my alphabetized spice drawer, who is in her happy place watching a live Musical, planning my next trip or snuggling up with my two pups- Freckles, a Border Collie, and Speckles, an Australian Sheep Dog Terrier. I look forward to getting to know you and bringing your perfect day to life!

" Great things are done by a series of small things brought together".

- Van gogh

Animal Lover

Wizard Fanatic

Singer & Performer

I grew up watching the new Harry Potter movie every Thanksgiving in movie theater.  I'm a Ravenclaw and have visited the Wizarding World in Florida and Kings Cross Station in London!   

I grew up being a cat lady but am now the lucky dog mom to a Border Collie, Freckles, and Australian Sheep Dog, Speckles. Why choose dogs or cats when you could love both?

As a choir and theatre director, I loved singing with my students every day! Now that I'm out of the classroom, you'll find me in the local community theatre volunteering.



When Ashtyn decided to follow her dream and dive head first into wedding planning, she knew she needed to have a special connection with the company’s name.  She went back and forth with the idea of incorporating her name, but her creative side did not feel sparked.  There was also the thought of listening to people pronounce Ashtyn's last name, and then having to nicely correct them.  The list of mispronunciations throughout grade school could go on forever.

So, the process to find a name started with pen and paper and jotting down a list of words that Ashtyn could incorporate. That is how she stumbled upon "lane".   Oddly enough, as a little girl, Ashtyn was fascinated with street names and how people had streets named after them. With that, lane just fit.  From there she began playing with different names of flowers but got nowhere.   There was definitely a little huffing and puffing until she decided to focus on what and who has molded Ashtyn into the person she is today.  

Ashtyn is a proud dog mom who swears her dogs have a better life than her some days, she is overly obsessed with watching historical dramas (two hands up for all my Downton Abbey fans), and her family and Jesus are the core of her happiness. That is when it clicked.  Ashtyn's grandmother, Mimi, was named Lila.  Lila's energy for life was contagious as well as her ability to keep pushing towards one's dreams, and what better representation for this girl who is following a lifelong dream.  With that my friends, is how Lila Lane Events & Planning was created.