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How to Find the Perfect Venue

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So you’re engaged and most likely Googling- “what do I do now?”. You aren’t alone! You’re already overwhelmed and all Google told you was to pick a date and book a venue. But if you’re in central Texas or the Texas Hill Country like us, there are literally HUNDREDS of venues to choose from so now where do you start? There are three steps before looking at venues and taking your pick-

As ABBA once said, “Money, money, money!” 

First things first, what is your overall budget? I know, I know! You just got engaged, you want all the Pinterest things, but it is a crucial step before you do anything. If you pick a venue before knowing your budget, you might end up over spending and then not having money left for flowers, desserts, photography, or something else you love! 

On average, most couples spend 10-12% of their budget on the venue rental fee so you don’t blow your budget on the first line item! 

Location, Location, Location

Now that you have a budget in mind, It’s time to drop a pin and find the best location for your wedding. A few things to consider:

  • Where are you, your partner, and your families located? Do you want to travel or stay close to home?
  • Do you want an outdoor event? If so, do you have a time of year in mind? Remember to keep the weather in mind. Texas is known for crazy weather mood swings.
  • Do you want to be surrounded by natural scenery or convenient to the city and accommodations?
  • Are you having your ceremony somewhere specific or sentimental like a church or family property?

Your answers will guide you to areas that meet your needs and will help you narrow down your list of possible venues. 

Guest List

This might sound silly, but have you started making an invite list? Nothing is set in stone with this list, but you want to have a general idea of how many people you are inviting. For instance, if you have 300+ guests, you do not want to tour a venue that accomdates 150 max. Know a general guest count sets the foundation for your wedding.

Your Style

You have your budget and your ideal location locked down so now it’s up to your preference. 

There are no wrong answers- it’s all a preference but important to distinguish what you are looking for! If you know what you are looking for before reaching out, it is easier to keep what you want in mind without being side-tracked by other amenities. Not every venue is for every person so stay focused on YOUR wedding and what YOU Want! Now it’s time to reach out to your favorite 2-4 venues and set up a tour to see the space in person!

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